Many home sellers think that in order to maximize their total net proceeds out of their property is to go for a hard bargain with the buyer. However, negotiation with the buyer provides you with a limited scope of pumping up your property value. What really elevates your property value in the way you market it using multiple digital channels in today’s day and age. 

In this post, we present you with multiple ways to use various digital channels to market your real estate listings. These strategies have been used by leading agents to market real estate listings.

MLS Listings with Details

​​Including property details in MLS listings might be a good idea for those who are looking to buy a property. It often tops the list of real estate lead generation methods by realtors. This way, the person will know about the property. In this age of the internet, it is very convenient to find property details through search engines. Including all the property details in the MLS listing is very important for those who are looking to buy a property as they can compare all the features and make decisions accordingly.

The MLS uses an automated system that collects data from real estate agents by using data feeds that can be produced in different formats. The automated system then updates the MLS database with new listings after each transaction is completed. The data feed products include text listings, photos, virtual tours or video walk-throughs, and other features depending on the vendor's product offerings.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the process of using content to attract your target market. This can be done through articles, videos, graphics, or infographics. Content marketing helps real estate agents to create high-quality content that will attract their target audience.

The rise of content marketing has created a huge opportunity for real estate agents to use this strategy for attracting potential buyers and getting ready homes sold faster.

There are many ways in which you can use content marketing for your real estate business, they are as follows:

  • Create engaging blog posts about real estate
  • Research bloggers in your industry and connect with them
  • Share valuable insights on your social media pages
  • Create video tutorials about the market trends


Keyword Optimization for Listings

All listings need to be optimized for keywords and search engine rankings. Local and organic search is a big part of marketing, and it's important not to neglect the power of SEO.

Optimizing listings with relevant keywords is something that you should start doing when you are writing the headline. More importantly, when people are searching for specific products or services in your area, they are likely to use words that are relevant to them when searching on Google or other search engines. Keyword optimization will help your listing rank higher in local searches for these keywords.

Custom Landing Pages 

A custom landing page is a web page that welcomes visitors and converts them into leads. It should be designed to cater to the target audience and should offer relevant information about the product or service. This webpage should ideally help an internet user make a purchase decision.

Custom landing pages can also be used to advertise properties for sale on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. They are usually created to highlight specific features of the property such as its location, amenities, and prices. This helps buyers find their ideal home before investing in it.

Importance of High-quality Property Listing Pictures 

Property listing pictures are one of the most important aspects of an online real estate property advertisement and also for organic traffic sources such as real estate blogs. This is because people usually make their decisions about a property after they see its pictures. Hence, it is crucial that these pictures are high-quality and stand out to the viewers.

As competition in the industry increases, agencies are looking for new ways to attract customers and achieve high conversion rates. And this is where high-quality property listing pictures come into play - they help agencies create captivating ads that draw potential buyers' attention more easily than ever before.

The importance of quality real estate listing photos cannot be overstated as they're the first thing potential buyers see. By using quality photos that can highlight their property’s best features, agents can increase their conversion rates by up to 30%.

Feature important property listing on the home page

A property listing on the home page is one of the most important features for real estate websites. It can be a decisive factor in helping someone decide to buy or rent your house.

But, if your website doesn't have this feature, then you're losing out on potential customers.

The good news is that with some simple changes to your existing site, you can capture more leads and get more people interested in your listings.

We will list three of the most important things to consider when setting up a property listing on the home page: what information should be included in it, how you should format it, and where on the site it should show up.

Video Marketing 

Video marketing for real estate is a new trend in the industry. It is now being used as a way to promote listings and engage potential buyers.

In the video, hosts will showcase the best features of a property. They will also show off what makes this property stand out from the competition.

In contrast to traditional marketing strategies, video marketing is more personal and interactive for buyers.

Video marketing provides a more visceral experience for potential buyers since it includes sound and animation – two sensory elements that make up the human perception of reality. This leads to an increase in conversions because people feel like they are actually there rather than just reading about it or looking at photos of a place they cannot visit in person.

Social Media Marketing 

It is very important for real estate agencies to invest in social media marketing. More and more potential clients are looking for properties online, which means that they are not going to find them by walking around the neighborhood.

There are many benefits of investing in social media marketing for property listing. It is a great way to reach a wide audience with minimal investment.

Besides, it helps in building trust and rapport with potential customers that the agency might not have met before. It also increases brand awareness in the marketplace, which leads to an increase in inquiries, leads, and ultimately sales conversions.

The most significant benefit of this type of marketing is that it can be used as an extension of any other traditional form of advertising or promotion being undertaken by the real estate company too.

Google Ads for your listing 

Google ads are the most cost-effective way to market your real estate listing. They're easy to set up and they're an easy way for buyers to find you on the internet.

Google will show your ad on Google's search results pages, YouTube, and other Google sites, based on criteria that you specify. To start using Google Ads, you need a Google Ads account.

More than 2 billion people use Google every day. If these users are searching for your type of property, they might see your ad - which means more exposure for your property listings!